Think Inside the Box

This year has been one for the books, and the boxes—individual boxed meals, that is! For businesses that still meet in person, we had to reevaluate the most ideal way to serve employees while keeping safety in mind. The best way to emerge has been swapping out standard buffets for individualized boxed meals.

In this Safer Service Step, meals are prepackaged hot or cold for service to a client’s unique specifications and can be distributed in a manner best suited to the business’ needs, as a delivery drop-off, contactless, or distanced service.

At Happy Day Catering, these boxed meals have allowed for a high element of customization, as well. Our graphics team can design meal box labels with your business logo, holiday theme, or motivational motto for your training or meeting. This personalization adds an extra touch that makes guests feel special versus standard snacks you could get anywhere. 

We have so enjoyed getting to serve businesses around the Valley and Palouse this year in this manner—from small drops of 15 meals to huge services of 1,000—making sure that the hard-working employees in our region get to eat high quality food safely.


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