There are many people who help keep Happy Day operating smoothly, even behind the scenes or outside business hours. Dan Wise, an original member of the Lewis Clark Model Train Club, is one of those very special people: since 2012 we have leaned on Dan’s expertise and passion to keep our Zany Graze model train running! Our one-of-a-kind model train has been chuggin’ around the ceiling of Zany’s family dining room since the store’s opening in 1987. Dan steps in to help with routine maintenance and periodic rerouting during remodels.

Dan fittingly worked at the railroad for his career, retiring after 34 years as a laborer and track inspector to many railroads, notably on the Camas Prairie. He considers the train at Zany Graze to be one of his many pride and joys in life—seeing guests light up when watching the train is very rewarding to him. We appreciate all his efforts to keep the iconic train running smoothly for kids and adults alike to enjoy. If you would like to learn more about the Lewis-Clark Model Train Club, visit