Did You Know?


Zany’s most popular menu item is sushi!

To make more room for this in-demand item and help speed up production, the Zushi bar has undergone an expansion to nearly double in size. Michell Radamaker of Michell Radamaker Design helped us design our vision into something workable, and K&G Construction’s amazing crew has worked those plans into reality, along with some help from our own Happy Day Maintenance Team.

The newly expanded area will provide room for more sushi chefs to complete all prep, cook, and rolling work in one defined space instead of working double-duty in our main kitchen. With all the equipment in one place, we can serve our guests more efficiently.

With the expansion of the Zushi bar, we will also soon be revamping our sushi menu to include miso soup, seaweed salad, and other delicious sushi-adjacent menu items. Can’t wait to try something new? If you are 21 or older, you can try our new sake additions! We have recently added a slate of seven new sakes, including sparkling, fruit, and crème varieties.

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